Specializing In
Concealed Pistol License/CCW Certification Training and
Self Defense Training.
Special Pricing For
Military Personnel
(Active or Reserve),
Firefighters/ EMT’s and
Police Reservists.
Training of
Hearing Impaired and
Disabled Persons.
SAS Group


Principles of Personal Protection – Level I (basic CPL/CCW)

Topics Include

The safe storage, use and handling of a revolver and of a pistol etc., including handling to protect child safety. Ammunition knowledge and the fundamentals of handgun shooting including proper technique and shooting stance. Firearms and the law, including civil liability issues. All laws that apply to carrying a concealed pistol in this State, Public Act updates. Avoiding criminal attack, controlling a violent confrontation and more.

  • Introduction to Public Act 719 (Effective: 07/01/03), current CCW requirements, class rules, instructors background, class overview.
  • Responsibility CCW limitations, who can you protect, when is the use of lethal force justified, police response/responsibilities.
  • Reality/non-reality what to expect during a lethal engagement, reasonable alternatives to lethal force, stress physiology, situation awareness.
  • Selection correct firearm, ammunition, holster for self defense applications.
  • Ammunition components, types, performance/terminal ballistics.
  • You Can Win how to survive a lethal engagement, scenario familiarization, when to shoot/where to shoot to prevent further aggression.
  • The “LAW” relevant to personal protection, concealed carry limitations, your rights, what to expect from the legal system, selecting legal council.
  • Firearm Safety there are no acceptable accidents, safe handling, cleaning/maintenance and storage of firearms and ammunition.
  • Firearm familiarization/manipulation of revolvers and semi-automatic pistols, shooting stance.
  • Written evaluation over classroom presentation.
  • Range instruction basic shooting techniques, qualification.
  • Presentation of certificates- upon successful completion of course, debriefing.


Public Act 719: 7/1/03 (5 hours of lecture, 3 hours of live fire. The cost is $152.00 including range fee - you are responsible for a firearm and 100 rds of ammunition)


Personal instruction by James D. Binder and Staff